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Personal Training from StrongFast Fitness
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Release Your Inner Athlete! StrongFast's Weight Room
reveal your inner athlete
reveal your inner athlete

We all have an athlete inside us. Be the strong, athletic person you were born to be. It's not too late!
You just need a trainer. Even professional athletes use trainers to show them the best ways to improve and guide them through their progress. Now you can have one too!

Experience the rewards of revealing the athlete inside you:
  • Look great.
  • Better memory.
  • More energy. 
  • Healthier.
  • Feel great.
  • More stamina.
  • Improved mood.
  • Deeper sleep.

We don't do supermodel skinny or bodybuilder bulky. We'll help you release the athlete that's inside of you, respecting both your body type and your interests. Call or email to get started now!

Blitz your way fit!

StrongFast Fitness uses "Blitz"-based programming to deliver results in manageable steps: no more than two weeks at a time. Your Blitzes are custom-designed and include sessions with your trainer plus training you can do at home with minimal equipment, or at a gym. Blitzes can also include programs to help with the other pillars of your health: nutrition, sleep, and stress. You do your Blitz activities and record your results for you and your trainer to track. You get stronger, faster, healthier … one Blitz at a time!

"Best workouts I've ever had! I have learned a lot about nutrition and exercise. I am surprising myself with this stuff ... and it's a good feeling."

-Dan D.
studio space "The training sessions with Gary are great workouts. They are challenging and rewarding. He really creates a fun, fast-paced workout that touches many aspects of fitness. He keeps you motivated throughout and leaves you exhausted, but wanting more."

-Chris B.

StrongFast Fitness is located at 3015 Genesee Street (rear of building) in Cheektowaga NY, along with 7 Tigers Martial Arts. Our 1200 square foot facility includes a weight room for strength sessions and a studio space for conditioning sessions and group work. By appointment only.